Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Started off the morning getting upset that a friend had posted about bomb control on facebook. He made some lame comment about how the government would issue an order to search all back packs or other carried items large enough to fit bomb making paraphenalia. Several other people that I know from Olympia followed suit. It was hard to imagine why people would already be screaming about bomb control when the remains of the dead are not even identified. Some cute little boy lost his life, an adult daughter, several lost limbs, suffered brain trauma and had disfiguring injuries that will follow them throughout their life.
I know that there were people in the conversation that thought that I overreacted. Dark humor they say. Perhaps its their way of dealing with tragedy. It seems like a lack of respect though, and perhaps not suited for a public forum, especially so early after such a horrible incident.
After I recovered and didn't need to unfriend anyone, my husband and I went to my Dad's and helped him rototill his garden. Glorious morning here in the Northwest. The sun shined and it warmed the back of my shoulders and tanned my cheeks. The rest of the day was spent primarily outside. Birds singing, building nests. People walking dogs in the sun who played tug of rope with their leashes.

Life goes on. Even in Boston. The dead are dead, the families begin mourning, the investigation continues. We all worry a little more about where next. Even in spite of this beauty of the sun and the energy it creates  bringing new life forth, I couldn't help but look at downtown a little different. A tad more suspicious, more skeptical, more frightened.  Even for a moment.
The question, of course, how do we stop it from happening again? Is it possible? Are we overwhelmed just thinking about it? Can we imagine just our own little life and how do we manage peace in our own surroundings? Our own relationships, food production, transportation, earth stewardship?  What one thing can I do today to bring more peace to the place I live?

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